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Sun Jun 14 06:48:56 EDT 2009

Problem resolved: solution = (##gc)


On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 11:55 PM, lowly coder
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> Maybe the right answer is "Don't do this in Gambit", but I'd like to give
> it a try:
> I'm writing an application, in Gambit. It does OpenGL graphics. It runs at
> 100fps. It's interpreted.
> Now, put down the pitch fork -- the only thing it's doing at 100Hz is
>   for 20 different objects
>     glLoadIdentity
>     glPushMatrix
>     some rotation
>     glCallList
>     glPopMatrix
> This works fine, _except_ when I get hit with a gambit gc, it costs me like
> 70ms ... which becomes a noticable lag in my otherwise smoothly rotationg
> screen.
> What are my options? Can I get a thread local heap? My basic usage is the
> following:
> launch gambit app
>    --> it opens up a glut window
>    --> it listens on port ABCDE for new graphics primitives
> in my editor window, I type some code; I send new primitives to port ABCDE;
> my gambit app spends a bit of time building it into a new display list
> That's all. What can I do in this particular situation?
> Thanks!
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