[gambit-list] serialization of promises

Darren Baker darren at wildfire.com.au
Thu Jun 11 20:00:56 EDT 2009

Thanks Marc for your quick response and patch, much appreciated.
> There are some general issues with serializing promises:
> 1) Gambit can be built to implement "autoforcing" on primitives, i.e. 
> (+ (delay 1) (delay 2)) => 3 .  So the question is whether 
> object->u8vector should autoforce or not.
FWIW I view object->u8vector as a non side-effecting snapshot tool, it's 
a bit disturbing that the act of looking would change its state. :-)  
(Even if such state is supposed to be transparent to the user.)

By the way, turning on the autoforce option would cause an explosion of 
unavoidable type checks I assume?

Thanks again,

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