[gambit-list] Proposed changes to makefile targets

Adrien Piérard pierarda at iro.umontreal.ca
Sat Jun 6 03:50:15 EDT 2009

Ha !
It took me a while, but I finally put 4.4.3 in the FreeBSD ports tree
(and it made it today).

Since you are changing makefiles a bit, I would like to a few changes
with configure too
configure --interpreter-name=gsi --compiler-name=gsc
Those defauts would not break anything, and changing them would have
all the scripts (six, scheme-r4rs, etc) not broken…

Also, as far as documentation is concerned, I wish for a little more
(trivial?) GNUgt portability with rules "pdf", "html", "info" and
correstponding "install-pdf", "install-html" and "install-info".
http://www.gnu.org/software/hello/manual/automake/Texinfo.html gives
pieces of information.

One more question: now that installation can be properly and easily
done in several directories, isn't it time for gambit's path-expand to
have shortcuts to the installation's libs, includes, and so on? Since
basically gambit modifies only 5 or so paths (bin, include, lib,
share, doc, info…), perhaps they could be pointed at by some hardcoded
expansion, or a look at the environment.

Last but not least, when I tried a complete parallel "make -j 4
install" from scratch, I had errors. I'll copy/paste them here later
to explicit them, but basically, when entering subdirectories, it had
a bad precondition (such as "this tool already exists" or something
like that).


2009/6/6 Marc Feeley <feeley at iro.umontreal.ca>:
> Currently the Gambit makefiles support these targets (and more):
>   % make mostlyclean         Removes all the files that can be
>                              regenerated using standard tools
>                              (C compiler, TeX, etc).  The C files
>                              generated by gsc, and the gsi and
>                              gsc executables are not removed.
>   % make clean               Removes all the files that can be
>                              regenerated by a "make" (object files,
>                              C files generated by gsc, etc) **except**
>                              gsi and gsc.  This is useful to
>                              bootstrap from the Scheme sources
>                              after gsc has been built with an
>                              initial "make bootstrap".
>   % make realclean           Like "make clean", but also removes
>                              gsi and gsc, and all the makefiles
>                              generated by the configure script.
> This is often confusing for newcomers because in most open-source
> projects a "make clean" followed by "make" usually restarts the build
> process from the state of the distributed sources.  Currently, the
> Gambit makefiles will remove all the C files generated by gsc (which
> are distributed in the tar file), so in fact the system won't build
> unless the user had successfully done a "make bootstrap".
> To remove the confusion I'm going to rename the targets as follows:
>    new "clean" target = old "mostlyclean" target
>    new "realclean" target = old "clean" target + old "realclean" target
> The mostlyclean target will be removed.
> Moreover, a "make" will be equivalent to a "make bootstrap" unless the
> gsc-comp (Gambit compiler for bootstrapping) exists.  This way, the
> user can get out of trouble if he does a "make realclean" after a
> "make".
> Please let me know if you have suggestions.
> Marc
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