[gambit-list] destructuring bind define-type

David Rush kumoyuki at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 00:45:44 EDT 2009

2009/6/2 lowly coder <lowlycoder at huoyanjinjing.com>:
> are there any amcros that play well with destructuring bind of define-type's
> ? I just want to check to see if there's a pre-existing solution before
> re-inventing my own.
> I find myself writing way too much code of the form:
> (define-type foo a b)
> (define-type bar c d)
> (lambda (x)
>   (let ((c (bar-c x) (d (bar-d x)))
>     (let ((a (foo-a a) (b (foo-b b)) ...

This is the kind of thing where macros get over-used

(define (with-foo f body) (body (foo-a f) (foo-b f)))

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