[gambit-list] webframework

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Sat Jan 31 11:34:19 EST 2009

On 31-Jan-09, at 11:26 AM, Marc Feeley wrote:

> On 30-Jan-09, at 10:41 PM, lowlycoder wrote:
>> can i write web apps using jazz scheme? if so, please give me some
>> pointers. thanks!
> You can also try out the Gambit web-server example in examples/web-
> server and there is also a web server on the Gambit dumping grounds
> which implements cookies and server pages (http://dynamo.iro.umontreal.ca/~gambit/wiki/index.php/Dumping_Grounds#Full_Applications
> ).
> Marc

By the way, to get the dumping grounds web server application working  
on recent releases of Gambit you must change the definition of open- 
server-socket in server.scm to:

(define (open-server-socket host port)
   ;; (declare (fixnum port))
     eol-encoding: 'cr-lf
     server-address: (or host "localhost") ;; #f is no longer accepted
     port-number: port
     reuse-address: #t)))


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