[gambit-list] Problem in thread-sleep! may be a poor implementation of the select system call

Ben Goetter goetter at mazama.net
Wed Jan 28 02:44:08 EST 2009

Marc Feeley wrote:
> I'm curious to know how well other operating systems handle the 
> timeout.  So, if you have access to some unusual operating system, 
> could you try the above program and report back what value is printed?
I don't know how useful Windows numbers will be, since Windows timeouts 
are implemented differently, but Win64 is sort of unusual....

Windows Vista SP1, 64-bit, Intel Q9450, native 64-bit: 66.  I also ran a 
32-bit Gambit executable under WOW64 on the same system and got the same 

In comparison, an extremely un-unusual Windows XP SP3 on a Intel T7250 
yielded 65.

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