[gambit-list] Problem in thread-sleep! may be a poor

Adrien Piérard pierarda at iro.umontreal.ca
Tue Jan 27 23:05:16 EST 2009

> After digging around it seems that the resolution of the "timeout"
> parameter to the "select" system call (which is used by the scheduler to
> wait for I/O and/or a timeout) can vary greatly from one OS to another.
> I'm curious to know how well other operating systems handle the timeout.
>  So, if you have access to some unusual operating system, could you try the
> above program and report back what value is printed?

I do not consider FreeBSD unusual (as it runs on 100% of my computers :D),

Freebsd 7.2 on a 64bits arch and gambit 4.2.8 gives 503 on average.

/usr/bin/time -p ./a.out
real 19.92
user 0.00
sys 0.02


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