[gambit-list] macro/function interaction

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Sun Jan 25 14:39:19 EST 2009

On 24-Jan-09, at 9:42 PM, symbolic expression wrote:

> (define (foo x) (+ x 1))
> (define-macro (bar x) (foo x))
> (bar 10)
> this baffles me, if I open up gsi and paste this into the  
> interpreter, I get 11
> however, if I stuff this in test.scm and run "gsi test.scm" I get:
> *** ERROR IN #<procedure #2>, "test.scm"@2.24 -- Unbound variable: foo
> what's going on? how do I fix this?

You are confusing the expansion time world and the run time world.   
Check out the links Bill Six sent.

> [I would prefer that code in "gsi test.scm" has the same effect as  
> if I type it into the interpreter]

If that is really what you want you can replace

% gsi test.scm


% gsi -e '(for-each eval (read-all (open-input-file "test.scm")))'

or do that in a source file.

Finally, you can always define foo locally to bar:

(define-macro (bar x)
   (define (foo x) (+ x 1))
   (foo x))

(bar 10)

or put foo's definition in a file (say foo.scm) and then:

(define-macro (bar x)
   (include "foo.scm")
   (foo x))

(bar 10)


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