[gambit-list] calling interpreted scheme code from compiled C code

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Tue Jan 20 10:33:31 EST 2009

On 19-Jan-09, at 8:57 PM, Frederick LeMaster wrote:

> You could define a 'hook' the way emacs and guile do.
> ;wrapper.scm
> (define disp-hook (list (lambda () (void))))
> (define (add-hook hook thunk)
>    (set-cdr! hook (cons thunk '())))
> (define (run-hook hook)
>    (for-each (lambda (p) (p)) hook))
> (c-define (c-disp) () void "f" "" (run-hook disp-hook))
> ;test.scm
> (load "graphics")
> (define (disp)
>  (glutWireTeapot 0.5))
> (add-hook disp-hook disp)

Nice solution!  Another approach, which preserves the GLUT API, is to  

(define glutDisplayFunc
   (c-lambda ((function () void)) void "glutDisplayFunc"))


(define (glutDisplayFunc func)
   (real-glutDisplayFunc (scheme-void-function->c-void-function func)))

(define real-glutDisplayFunc
   (c-lambda ((function () void)) void "glutDisplayFunc"))

(define (scheme-void-function->c-void-function func)
   (set! scheme-void-function func)

(c-define (c-void-function) () void "c_void_function" ""

(define scheme-void-function #f)

Note that with this approach only one callback can be installed but  
that's OK because GLUT has a single display callback.

In a more general context you could use the following scheme-void- 
function->c-void-function procedure definition which allocates C  
functions from a pool of 5 predefined functions (basically a poor  
implementation of C closures):

(c-define (f0) () void "f0" "" (f 0))
(c-define (f1) () void "f1" "" (f 1))
(c-define (f2) () void "f2" "" (f 2))
(c-define (f3) () void "f3" "" (f 3))
(c-define (f4) () void "f4" "" (f 4))

(define c-void-functions (vector f0 f1 f2 f3 f4))
(define scheme-void-functions (vector #f #f #f #f #f))

(define (f i) ((vector-ref scheme-void-functions i)))

(define (scheme-void-function->c-void-function func)
   (let loop ((i 0))
     (if (< i (vector-length scheme-void-functions))
         (if (vector-ref scheme-void-functions i)
             (loop (+ i 1))
               (vector-set! scheme-void-functions i func)
               (vector-ref c-void-functions i)))
         (error "can't convert Scheme function to C function" func))))

The limit of 5 could of course be increased, but some limit will exist  
unless you are willing to accept a non-portable solution.

Gambit's C-interface actually includes code to convert any Scheme  
function to a C function by using the technique of dynamic code  
generation.  This feature is disabled by default because it is a non- 
portable solution (it supports x86, SPARC and PowerPC) and it hasn't  
been tested thoroughly (check ___make_c_closure in lib/os_dyn.c for  
details).  If you want to try it out you'll have to build Gambit from  
scratch using this (rather cryptic) invocation of the configure script:

CC="gcc -D___WORD_SIZE=___WORD_WIDTH" ./configure

If you do try it out, please let me know how it works out.


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