[gambit-list] The future of Gambit

Andrew Lentvorski bsder at allcaps.org
Sun Jan 18 08:17:25 EST 2009

Marc Feeley wrote:
> Brad, as you know writing good documentation is not a simple matter...  
> it takes time and considerable effort (at least for me) to write  
> something that is correct and readable.  My experience is that few  
> people actually read documentation anymore, so the incentive is low.

This is true, but probably not for the reason most people think.

What I do read is *example code*.  A chunk of code that uses feature X 
to do some useful task Y is better than just about any amount of API 
documentation ever produced.

Getting people to push more code to the dumping grounds is probably 
vastly more useful than the API docs.


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