[gambit-list] Debugging problem

David Rush kumoyuki at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 04:24:14 EST 2009

So I've recently been bringing some old code up to speed on current
Gambit (4.4.0) and I seem to be running afoul of some combination of
the REPL changes and the debugger that have me totally blocked.

When I run the compiled version of the program, I get the *no* output
from the program and the following:

*** ERROR IN call-with-values -- (Argument 2) LIST expected
(apply '#<procedure #2> '#<unknown>)

and the program very nicely exits back to the shell. However when I
run the same code (e.g. I invoke the main function with the args that
would come in from the command-line) in an interactive REPL under
XEmacs, I get the expected program output, but no error message and a
hung gsc that doesn't respond to ^C so I end up kill -KILL ing it.
Running in a proper tty (a ssh session into the host) I get the same
out put as under XEmacs, followed by a "0" and then Gambit's command

What's going on here? And how can I get to the debugger to try and
find the culprit call-with-values? I should mention that this code
does currently run under Larceny 0.96 (a bit behind the bleeding edge
of Larceny dev) and has previously run under at least half a dozen
different R4RS schemes.

Thanks in advance

david rush
GPG Public key at http://cyber-rush.org/drr/gpg-public-key.txt

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