[gambit-list] Is there a way to derive file descriptor values from Gambit-internal TCP socket ports, and use them in non-Gambit-internal I/O routines in C?

Mikael More mikael.more at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 09:22:39 EDT 2008

Now that we have found a way to make a Gambit-internal port of OS file
descriptors, how about the other way around, i.e.,

a) How get file descriptor values of active Gambit-internal TCP socket
connection ports?
b) Is there a way to make Gambit never make any read operations on a file
descriptor / socket? (Currently, I suppose it simply does not, before one
invokes a port read procedure from Scheme. Perhaps one would have to tweak
the read buffering-related settings on port creation.)


2008/9/3 Christian Jaeger <christian at pflanze.mine.nu>

> P.S. I've now reworded the description in the file a bit to make the intent
> clearer. I'm attaching the diff and the files here to make sure they stay
> available in the archive and since the diff would only be seen when actually
> using the Git checkout.
> Maybe Mikael could confirm some time whether this solution was what he
> needed and whether it worked.
> Christian.
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