[gambit-list] various

Christian Jaeger christian at pflanze.mine.nu
Wed Nov 5 13:09:23 EST 2008

David St-Hilaire wrote:
> Christoph Bauer wrote:
>>   - is there a way to copy a record (define-structure) or
>>     to convert it to a list, like table-copy and table->list? for tables

For copying, there happens to be a function in the Gambit _io part which 
does what you want:

(define-prim (##readtable-copy rt)
  (let ((copy (##vector-copy rt)))
    (##subtype-set! copy (macro-subtype-structure))

so you could just use that one.

For turning into a list, you can mis-use |##vector->list|.

Note that those don't do type checking so be sure you actually pass them 
a structure (check with |##structure?|).

> The syntax-case form is not supported by default by gambit-c, it is rather the
> "lower level" define-macro form which is used. If you want to use syntax-case
> macros, you have to include it with:
> (include "~~/syntax-case.scm")

This should probably be:

(load "~~/syntax-case")

without the suffix, so it can be compiled (like with '(compile-file 
(path-expand "~~/syntax-case")) ) and the compiled object is loaded.


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