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Christoph Bauer christoph.bauer at lmsintl.com
Wed Nov 5 06:03:19 EST 2008

Hello Experts,

my favorite feature of gambit is its portability. It compiles so
easily on SunOS, IRIX, AIX, HP-UX and Linux. (Try to find such a
common lisp implementation!) So now my questions:

  - is there a way to copy a record (define-structure) or
    to convert it to a list, like table-copy and table->list? for tables
  - there is a function to create symbolic links. Is there also
    one for readlink(2)?
  - feature wish: copy-file could be extended to overwrite an
    existing file. 
       copy-file src dest #!optional force
  - this code, which is written by Olin Shivers, doesn't work:

> (define-syntax let-string-start+end
  (syntax-rules ()
    ((let-string-start+end (start end) proc s-exp args-exp body ...)
     (receive (start end) (string-parse-final-start+end proc s-exp
       body ...))
    ((let-string-start+end (start end rest) proc s-exp args-exp body
     (receive (rest start end) (string-parse-start+end proc s-exp
       body ...))))
*** ERROR IN (console)@4.17 -- Ill-formed expression

Christoph Bauer

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