[gambit-list] Arto Bendiken | Rediscovering the Lively Road Not Taken

Bradley Lucier lucier at math.purdue.edu
Wed May 28 10:04:30 EDT 2008

I was going to send this blog post of Arto Bendiken just to myself to  
record it for posterity, but then I thought I should expose the  
Gambit list to it.

The Lively Kernel by Dan Ingalls had already caught my eye, but  
sometimes one needs an interpreter to really tell you what some  
technology is about, and Arto does a great job here.  Somehow, with  
Marc's Scheme->Javascript compiler, I see a "Scheme machine" lurking  
in the background here, or at least a true OS-independent graphical  
world that Gambit could live in and drive.



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