[gambit-list] What are your experiences of Termite?

François Magnan francois.magnan at licef.ca
Thu May 1 11:56:47 EDT 2008


We are using Termite to implement a dataflow/control flow multi-actor  
process management system. This is experimental research but with  
concrete applications prototypes in the end with a testbed composed of  
real end-users. We plan to extend this prototype to an industrial  
application during next year.

 From my point of view Termite is very close to be mature enough to be  
used in a production environment. We did not try very intensive usage.  
We only launch a max a couple of hundreds of processes simultenaously.  
What remains to be done is the packaging and some code cleanup I  
believe (loading Termite as a module into Gambit is quite tricky for  
the moment).

I would say it is a very good candidate for developing a quick  
prototype. The rest depends on the load you will assign to it.

For me, going with Erlang is out of question. It would be isolating  
the technology inside an uncontrolled environment. In the context of  
Gambit and Termite, you produce standard C code in the end. This is  
much more interoperable technology than Erlang. It is also much easyer  
to change the behavior of the language to adapt it to your custom needs.

If you need something from Erlang just implement it in Scheme! If it  
is not fast enough just do the critical part in C.

One last comment, if you want to play with Termite and Gambit with  
intensive network access going on. Do it on Linux or on MacOSX. On  
WinXP there seem to be some bug locking-up network access. I posted  
this to the list a while ago.

I hope it gives you some clues.

Francois Magnan

On 29-Apr-08, at 2:13 PM, Mikael More wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm interested in hearing what uses you and others have had of  
> termite, in production as well as experimentally. What is your  
> general experience? Is it mature for production use? If not, then  
> what needs to be improved? If so, what are the areas that would  
> benefit from further development?
> By what reasons would you or would you not go with Erlang, or any  
> other environment, to fill the same purposes? If any other  
> environment, then what environment?
> Thanks!
> Mikael
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