[gambit-list] SDL-proto updated

Ken Dickey Ken.Dickey at whidbey.com
Fri Jun 6 18:50:48 EDT 2008

I have added another bit of SDL [Simple Direct-media Layer] code to SDL-proto 
in the dumping grounds.  In addition to TinyTalk, I have added an example 
using Oops! to contrast a more CLOS-ish style and made the test build/compile 
process easier.  Please ignore the many compiler/loader warnings.

Test 1 -- From a SDL Tutorial [ http://www.libsdl.org ]

Test 2 -- Drag a rectangle around in a window

Test 3 -- A drag test using TinyTalk object system
          Mouse targeting and event dispatch
          Bitmapped background
          Separate render and event threads

Test 4 -- Like Test 3, but using the Oops! object system

In each case, use the same strategy to build and run, but use the
test-number you want [Linux]:
[1] >> ./compile-test1  ## test2 test3 test4
[2] >> gsi
[3] > (load "test1") (run-test)  ;; "test2" "test3" "test4"
[4] > (exit) 

Note the separation: 
- SDL interface code is in "sdl-interface.scm"
- SDL independent OO graphic definitions are in
   "sdl-tt.scm" and "sdl-oops.scm"
- Test code which puts the two together and has run-test and stop-test 
functions are in files
   "test2.scm", "test3.scm" and "test4.scm".

Code for both object systems is included.

I have tested only under Linux.  Please send fixes/suggestions.


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