[gambit-list] Great minds are in the same gutter [WAS: Rediscovering the Lively Road Not Taken]

Ken Dickey Ken.Dickey at whidbey.com
Sun Jun 1 21:16:37 EDT 2008


In any case, I was away hiking in the mountains for a few days to come back to 
the Lively thread.  

I tend to "think in code" by building prototypes, so don't expect too much. 

I have added Sdl-proto.tgz to the dumping grounds.  It has some  
built-it-yourself OO code and the start of a separate API for SDL.  Test 3 
uses a  simple renderer and UI event system and you can drag a rectangle 

I am playing with ideas from Morphic/Lively and SK8 [a cool Apple multimedia 
authoring environment which never saw the light of day built using Mac Common 
Lisp; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SK8].   I hope the code will spark some 

Note that I have only tested on Kubuntu Linux and QNX.  Windoze and MacOS 
users will have to fend for themselves.  I have limited time, but send me the 
gripes [and fixes!] anyway.

Now for the other 99.8% of the code..  ;^)


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