[gambit-list] enable-single-host and gcc 4.2.3

Jeremie Lasalle Ratelle pouexmachinax at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 13:01:30 EDT 2008

Hi, I just installed ubuntu 8.04 and it seems that gcc 4.2.3 isn't able
to compile large files using --enable-single-host.

We tried compiling a 6000 lines file and a 16000 lines file. (Generated from
Jazz modules)

Using enable-single-host, both of them are still compiling after 10 minutes.
Without enable-single-host it takes 1 minute for the 6000 one and the 16000
one is still going on after 10 minutes.

On Apple gcc 4.0.1 it takes 1.5 minute to compile the 16000 lines file with
In windows on gcc-mingw-3.4.5 it takes about 20 seconds with

Could this be some serious regression?...
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