[gambit-list] Newbie Question: define-syntax and syntax-rules

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Sun Jun 17 08:37:24 EDT 2007

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On 17-Jun-07, at 7:37 AM, Gabriel Kronberger wrote:

> debian:/home/user/Desktop/gambc-4.0b22# gsi
> Gambit Version 4.0 beta 22
>> (load "~~/syntax-case")
> "/usr/local/Gambit-C/4.0b22/syntax-case.scm"
>> syntax-rules
> *** ERROR IN (console)@2.1 -- Unbound variable: syntax-rules
> 1> define-syntax
> *** ERROR IN (console)@3.1 -- Unbound variable: define-syntax
> 2> (define-syntax unless
>     (syntax-rules ()
>       ((unless test body ...)
>        (if test #f (begin body ...)))))
> *** ERROR IN (console)@5.19 -- Ill-formed expression
> 2>
> It seems even though I can load syntax-case.scm, syntax-rules and
> define-syntax are still not defined.
> I must be missing something really obvious!
> I know that I can use define-macro. I use it in my code now. However I
> would also like to play around with syntax-rules and according to the
> documentation it should work the way I tried to use it. So either I'm
> missing something obvious or the documentation is outdated or
> syntax-case.scm doesn't work on my debian system.
> Any more hints I could try to make syntax-rules work?
> Thanks,
> Gabriel

I've done exactly the same thing on my MacBook Pro and get this  
(correct) behavior:

% gsi
Gambit Version 4.0 beta 22

 > (load "~~/syntax-case")
 > syntax-rules
*** ERROR -- invalid syntax syntax-rules
 > define-syntax
*** ERROR -- invalid syntax define-syntax
 > (define-syntax unless
     (syntax-rules ()
       ((unless test body ...)
        (if test #f (begin body ...)))))
 > (unless #f (display "hello\n"))

Something really strange is happening with your installation!  Are  
you sure you are using the official distribution of beta 22?


Also, could you check the top of the file /usr/local/Gambit-C/4.0b22/ 
syntax-case.scm ?  It should read:


; File: "syntax-case.scm", Time-stamp: <2007-04-04 10:13:27 feeley>

; Copyright (c) 1998-2007 by Marc Feeley, All Rights Reserved.

; This is version 3.2 .

; This version includes a patch which avoids quoting self-evaluating
; constants.  This makes it possible to use some Gambit specific forms
; such as declare, namespace and define-macro.

Also, make sure no "gambcext" and "gambcini" files are being loaded.   
To avoid loading the gambcini file do

   % gsi -f


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