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More info on that.

Jazz has 100s of classes. Some classes are compiled in Launcher.exe, 
but when the loader detects that the interpreted file is newer, it 
will load through the interpreter and not through the C call in the 

At 17:36 -0400 2007/06/13, Guillaume Cartier wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>Unfortunately, I think I have stumbled upon a major problem for my
>project with the linking model of Gambit / Scheme's lack of
>specification for linking code.
>For my applications I absolutly need the ability to be able to load code
>selectively. If I understand correctly, the Gambit linking model is that
>all classes compiled into a .exe are loaded upon launching the .exe so
>that cannot do for me.
>The only alternative I see is the use of .o1 loadable code but is it
>reasonable to dynamically load like 1000+ .o1 files? Wouldn't launching
>incur a huge penalty in speed / space vs a selfcontained .exe as every
>.o1 is a full fleged dynamic library? Also, with this approach,
>distributing to my clients a folder containing 1000 .o1 files is
>everything but nice. I could zip them together a bit like interpreted
>languages like Python do but then I don't think Windows or Gambit or ...
>can load .o1 files from a zip directly so I'd have to unzip them to a
>temp folder which is again not very tempting.
>Any help / thoughts really appreciated. This is criticaly for my using
>Gambit for my project.
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