[gambit-list] MacGambit 2.2.2

Frank Gizinski gizinski at wi.net
Tue Feb 27 21:38:25 EST 2007

To Whom it may interest,

I downloaded MacGambit-C 3.0 a short time ago for my Mac OS. 9.1 and it
works fine.  I'm learning Scheme from the Dybvig book with aid from the UCB
Scheme folder.  I also downloaded MacGambit 2.2.2.  I had version 2.2.2
running on Mac OS 9.1 before I had a hard disk failure.  I tried the
complied interpreter on the download but at startup I got an "illegal
instruction error". so I tried compiling it myself.  It turned out that it
had to be updated to my later version of the CodeWarrior compiler.  I tried
that and then everything went wrong.

As I said MG-C 3.0 works all right on my Mac OS 9.1 but as far as I know
version 2.2.2 is the last that ran the drawing-demo1.scm and graphics from
"Concrete Abstractions" on the classic Mac and I just wanted to play with
the graphics.

I hope someone has this rare old OS 9.1 version of 2.2.2 and I can download


Frank Gizinski
Racine, Wisconsin


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