[gambit-list] call/cc across threads

Lang Martin lang-gb at coptix.com
Tue Feb 20 00:56:23 EST 2007

I have a (possibly irrational) bias against mutexes, and attempted to  
solve a threading problem with just message passing. The code works,  
but only part of the time.

This code:

(let ((th (thread-start!
             (lambda ()
               (let lp ()
                 (let ((p (thread-receive 0 #f)))
                   (if p
                       (p 40)
        (+ 2 (call/cc
         (lambda (ret)
           (thread-send th ret)
           (thread-sleep! 4)))))

Occasionally fails by attempting to add 2 to #!void. Actually, it  
raises the error, but returns 42 anyway. Seems like I can get away  
with 4 or 5 evaluations before I hit the failure condition. It seems  
risky, but I was wondering if someone could explain why? If I  
increase thread-receive's timeout to 1, it succeeds consistently, but  
I haven't tried it with lots of threads -- I assume it's a race  
condition that would reappear.

Where is the #!void coming from? Is the execution of the continuation  
interrupting the thread-sleep!, but returning the value of the sleep  
rather than the value passed to the continuation? I'm willing to use  
mutexes, but I'm curious.

Incidentally, the end goal is a stack of database connections,  
maintained through mutation. It's intended to be thread-safe, so I  
was planning on closing over a designated thread to do the mutations,  
and having it return values to the calling functions through this  
mechanism. I'll use mutexes if that's the right solution.


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