[gambit-list] Fwd: fast csv parser (libcsv wrapped for gambit)

Phil Dawes pdawes at users.sf.net
Sun Feb 11 16:13:16 EST 2007

david rush wrote:
> On 2/10/07, Bradley Lucier <lucier at math.purdue.edu> wrote:
>> These two don't agree on what the fields should be in all cases.  For
>> example, on the 97th record, I get
>> [...]
> Well without seeing it in hex (and feeling far too lazy and
> comfortable in front of my lovely fireplace to bother checking it
> myself) I'd say that this looks like a classic UTF-8 coding issue...

Sounds reasonable - I don't think libcsv does any UTF-8 decoding so it 
could quite easily be messing this up.



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