[gambit-list] Passing lambdas as callbacks to C functions

schemeway at sympatico.ca schemeway at sympatico.ca
Mon Feb 5 06:47:01 EST 2007


> I ran into problems using lambda expressions as callbacks when wrapping 
> libcsv and I've boiled it down to this testcase. Can anybody tell me why 
> this crashes?:
> looper is a c function which takes a scheme lambda and repeated invokes 
> it using the 'call_lambda' bridging function.
> When I gsc compile it and run '(main)' after a bunch of looping and 
> printing it crashes with:
> ERROR IN looper -- Operator is not a PROCEDURE
> ('#<return #2>)
> Any ideas?  (or am I being stupid?!)

I'm just guessing here, but could it be that, since your lambda expression is not reference anywhere else in your Scheme code, it gets GC'd?


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