[gambit-list] Using Gambit Scheme on UNIX, question

urrozalf at vcn.bc.ca urrozalf at vcn.bc.ca
Fri Feb 2 16:02:49 EST 2007

Hello there, this is my first message. I am trying to run Gambit on my
UNIX box, is an old machine just 250 MHz. I am running Solaris 9, I
downloaded the "*.tar.gz" file, expanded it. Then using terminal I issued
the command "tar xvf ****.tar", it worked fine.

I have the Gambit directory on "/export/home/alfonso/MySoftware/Gambit***"

Then I issued the command /.configure it worked fine, I think, now I don't
know what is the next step, so I can start using Gambit.

Any help will be appreciated.



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