[gambit-list] GUIDE, and changing REPL/reader interface

schemeway at sympatico.ca schemeway at sympatico.ca
Mon Apr 30 06:18:28 EDT 2007

Hi Derek,

>What I really want is a REPL, or editor interface, that knows about Scheme
>so it can do parenthesis balancing and symbol lookup, and also talks with
>the reader so it can edit any line in a multiline S-exp currently being
>read, mark how much of an input line has been read if it contains more than
>one S-exp, put whole S-exps in the history instead of lines, and similar

Have you tried SchemeScript (http://schemeway.sf.net), a Scheme editor 
plugin for Ecilpse? It has almost everything SLIME&paredit have to offer 
(syntax highlighting, parenthesis matching, code completion, integration 
with the REPL, and much more), but not in Emacs (;-)


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