[gambit-list] Big number Bug?

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Apr 26 17:38:20 EDT 2007

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On 26-Apr-07, at 7:44 AM, Christian Jaeger wrote:

> Using those values:
>> (- -2147450880/2 -1073725440)
> 0
> where the above has given 0/2. Well, I'm out of idea now, I hope  
> Marc or
> Brad can help further.
> BTW, another idea to help track down the above numbers would have been
> to wrap the gambit ops with ones that check the result for not
> containing a zero numerator or denominator and throw an error right  
> away
> if it does. This would have been easier than the above, but my
> description may help you anyway.
> (BTW I'm using 4.0 beta 21)
> Christian.

I am deeply impressed!  You get my vote for the "Gambit debugger man  
of the year" award!

> PS. I've already suggested once to add a mode to the debugger to save
> all continuations onto a stack. So instead of recording everything  
> into
> the Emacs buffer as shown above, the continuations would be on a
> stack/list which could be examined, that could maybe be more efficient
> computation-wise and maybe offer better handling.

Can you elaborate?  Which continuations do you want to save?

> PS.2: Gambit shouldn't exit if ,s is entered on the toplevel. (This
> makes using repeated ,s dangerous since one too many and the collected
> data of the running interpreter is lost.)

Good point.  I'll change ,s and ,l so that they prevent that from  


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