[gambit-list] Available module system?

Christian Jaeger christian at pflanze.mine.nu
Thu Apr 19 13:51:33 EDT 2007

Huang Jianshi wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to Gambit. Could anyone tell me if there's an available  
> module system in Gambit?

What do you mean exactly with the term module system? Just separately
loadable/distributable code components with namespacing, or more
(parametrization, functors, object systems)?

There's Snow! if you have missed it (http://snow.iro.umontreal.ca/)
which does the former, and I did some module work with the same initial
purpose over the last two years (see mailing list archives, "chjmodule")
which I'm beginning to look into merging with Snow!. (I'm also thinking
about extending it with parametrization and possibly more.)


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