[gambit-list] Mention removal of latin1 char-encoding

Bradley Lucier lucier at math.purdue.edu
Thu Apr 19 11:18:59 EDT 2007


After spending 15 minutes or so trying to interpret the cryptic and  
incomplete error message

 > (define g (pgm->f64 (read-pgm "circle-128.pgm")))
*** ERROR IN read-pgm, "../pgm.scm"@36.3 -- (Argument 1) STRING or  
port settings expected
(call-with-input-file '(path: "circle-128.pgm" char-encoding: latin1  
eol-encoding: lf) '#<procedure #2>)

I discovered that you removed latin1 as a valid char-encoding.   
Perhaps you should mention this in the documentation.  (I suppose a  
more helpful error message may work, too.)


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