[gambit-list] New _num.scm

Bradley Lucier lucier at math.purdue.edu
Mon Apr 16 21:30:56 EDT 2007


This _num.scm does a few things:

1.  It uses the ##fixnum.+? and ##fixnum.-? functions in ##+, ##-,  
and ##negate.  Together with my changes to gambit.h yesterday, this  
should allow you to remove -fwrapv from the command line.  (But don't  
add more code that assumes that signed arithmetic wraps!)

2.  It uses a new fft algorithm for bignum multiplication that is  
provably correct.  (The mathematics behind it is correct, I obviously  
didn't prove that the code as implemented is correct.)  The code is  
faster on some machines (my PowerPC Macs) and slower on others (my  
opteron box).  It's also shorter and clearer than the old code.   
(There are many more comments, and I included alternate simple  
implementations of the fft's for which gsc does not generate any  
code.)  The new code uses a number of tables, total size about 24KB,  
to calculate dynamically the table of sines and cosines needed for  
the fft.  (BTW, can you write some code to cache the result of making  
the table?  If one has already computed a bigger table of sines and  
cosines, you can use it where one would otherwise calculate a smaller  
table.)  The .o file is about 7KB bigger, so I got rid of about 17KB  
of code while adding 24KB of data.  I checked that all this machinery  
is omitted if (use-fast-bignum-algorithms) is defined to be #f at the  
head of _num.scm.

Please look it over.  It passes "make check" and I checked the fft  
bignum multiplication more thoroughly.


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