[gambit-list] newbie question: how do I invoke functions in a shared library

HP Wei hp at rentec.com
Sat Apr 7 20:13:24 EDT 2007

Can anyone tell me how I go about using a shared library
compiled on a Sun-solaris with gambit.4.0b22 ?

Note: gsi and gsc were built with --enable-shared

Here is the process of building termite as shared lib.
(1) download termite.tar.gz from the web site
    untar it to

(2) cd ~/gambit/current
    gsc -link -o termite.c termite/termite.scm

(3) gcc -shared -fPIC -D___LIBRARY -D___SHARED termite.c -o

(4) mv libtermite.so to ~/gambit/current/lib



   (a) in a gsi session,  how do I use functions in libtermite.so ?

   (b) what about in a compiled scm file which uses functions in termite ?


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