[gambit-list] debugger problem

|/|/ Bendick droid at zoo-crew.org
Tue Apr 3 22:46:54 EDT 2007

I'm having a problem with the gambit debugger. If I understand
correctly ",l" should differ from ",s" in that ",l" leaps over the
expression in question without stepping through the call while ",s"
will step through. If that is correct the problem is ",l" is
performing the same function as ",s" -- it steps into the code. I'm
having this problem with b21, b20, b19.. Is anyone else experiencing
this? Anyone have a fix?

Unrelated-- I've noticed that when using gambit in emacs it always
thinks by screen width is 80

> (output-port-width (repl-output-port))

even when the terminal is 164 characters wide. I started emacs and
gambit with the terminal already at this width. The width is correctly
reported if I just start gsi from command line.

I've noticed these problems on mac os x and netbsd so I don't think
it's something funky on my end. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

|/|/ Bendick

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