[gambit-list] Incomplet and/or inkorrect implementation of SRFI-9

Bradley Lucier lucier at math.purdue.edu
Thu Nov 30 21:41:05 EST 2006


You have defined in _nonstd.scm:

> (define-runtime-macro (define-record-type name constructor  
> predicate . fields)
>   `(define-type ,name
>      constructor: ,constructor
>      predicate: ,predicate
>      , at fields))

which I presume is meant to implement SRFI-9.  However, SRFI-9 has  
the inconvenient passage:

> <type name> is bound to a representation of the record type itself.  
> Operations on record types, such as defining print methods,  
> reflection, etc. are left to other SRFIs.

and your implementation of define-record-type doesn't do this:

 > (define-record-type :pare
     (kons x y)
     (x kar set-kar!)
     (y kdr))
 > :pare
*** ERROR IN (console)@13.1 -- Unbound variable: :pare

Do you have any quick suggestions about how to fix this?


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