[gambit-list] looking for a "weak" apply function

Christian christian at pflanze.mine.nu
Mon Nov 13 19:24:30 EST 2006

Hello Marc

Thank you for your code, it's really interesting for me. (Especially 
since I'm planning to write an error procedure which can skip 
continuation frames (like Perl's croak, which skips stack frames in 
the current module or parent classes).)

Some notes:
- (cond-apply sin '(1 2) (lambda (x) 'foo)) will enter an endless 
loop because the call of the non-thunk procedure will re-enter 
- but it seems ##raise-wrong-number-of-arguments-exception is not 
being called by the apply call (?, I haven't checked the sources); 
commenting out this function definition gets rid of the above loop.

Some questions:
- what does ##first-argument do?
(- is the environment-map directive automatically activated by the 
|debug| compiler flag? Or will adding this directive improve variable 
display in the debugger?)

I'll experiment with ##raise-unknown-keyword-exception etc. to make 
it more complete.


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