[gambit-list] serializing continuations

Thomas Hafner thomas at hafner.NL.EU.ORG
Thu Nov 2 09:38:57 EST 2006


in the info pages for readtables there's an example how to serialize a
continuation. The continuation multiplies by 100, an it's captured
like this by the function suspend-and-die!:

(lambda ()
  (* 100 (suspend-and-die!)))

I'd like to extend the example in a way, that the continuation shall
not do the total computation at once. Instead, it shall compute a
part, and serialize the remainder of the computation. The semantics
may look something like this:

(lambda ()
  (* 20 (suspend-and-die-ext!
         (* 5 (suspend-and-die-ext! 1)))))

It's not sufficient that suspend-and-die-ext! has just one more
(dummy) parameter than suspend-and-die!:
*** ERROR ... -- Thread is terminated

I guess that some more thread creation has to be added, because
thread-terminate! is called twice (indirectly by
suspend-and-die-ext!). Where? Can somebody help me extending the


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