[gambit-list] eval order, define vs define-macro

Stephane Le Cornec coleste at videotron.ca
Thu May 11 10:38:38 EDT 2006

(define (foo x) x)
(define-macro (bar x) `(+ ,x ,(foo x)))
(define (baz x) (bar x))

>  (load "test")
*** ERROR IN #<procedure #2>, "test.scm"@2.1 -- Unbound variable: foo

I was a little surprised of the result. OTOH:

(define (baz2 x) (bar2 x))
(define-macro (bar2 x) `(+ ,x 2))

fails on (baz2 2) as expected while the reverse works properly.

I don't understand why the eval order does not work for define-macro. 
Is the behavior an implementation choice? And if so why is it wanted?
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