[gambit-list] multiple main functions!

Ryan Prescott ryan at xlgames.com
Fri Jul 21 11:06:58 EDT 2006

I've gotten rid of the multiple main issue.

I actually removed ALL my code from the file, compiled the resulting
files, built my app and I still got the exception when ___setup() was
called. My termite process did not work properly afterward. This code
works properly when I test it using the interpereter.

Hopefully there aren't any scheme newbie errors here.
If I use the following code, I see the hello? and backend starting
statements, but nothing else. I added more display calls to make sure
everything was happening as expected and as far as I can tell,
everything's okay.

; back-node is initted via (define back-node (make-node ..))
; spawn-register spawns a termite process and registers it's pid
;  with the termite nameserver

(display "hello?\n")

(define backend
   (let ((listeners '()))
     (display "backend starting\n")
     (node-init back-node)
       (lambda ()
         (let loop ((listeners listeners))
           (display "backend entering recv\n")
           (pp listeners)
             ((from tag ('RegisterListener msg))
                (display "regstered listener")
                (loop (cons msg listeners))))
             (after 10
                      (display "i'm alive")
                      (loop (ping-listeners listeners)))))
           (loop listeners)))

Many thanks,


Marc Feeley wrote:
 > Ryan, you need to link to libgambc.a (which does not have a main
 > function).  The best way to see how this can be done is to build the
 > pthread example (i.e. cd examples/pthread; make examples).  The pthread
 > example has a main function in C, and several C threads that call into
 > Scheme (one at a time thanks to a POSIX threads mutex).  You should also
 > look at test #8 (i.e. cd tests; make test8).  It has a C main function
 > that calls into Scheme to evaluate some S-expressions in strings.
 > Hope that answers your question.
 > Marc
 > On 20-Jul-06, at 6:21 PM, Ryan Prescott wrote:
 >> Hi,
 >> I've perused the archives of the Gambit-C mailing list looking for info
 >> on this issue so I apologize if this is a well known issue.
 >> I've got a C application that I want to use a gambit thread
 >> (actually a termite process). I have a main function defined in C and
 >> a library defined in scheme that I want to init/call from C.
 >> Unfortunately, I get multiple main functions when building and the msvc
 >> linker doesn't like that too much. Being brave, I instructed the linker
 >> to ignore the multiple main error condition and "just use" my C main
 >> func.
 >> This does NOT seem to result in a stable situation for the scheme world,
 >> as when I call __setup() I get an exception. Note that the exception is
 >> handled by the gambit runtime, but there definitely seems to
 >> be some init time badness. The termite process does not respond to
 >> messages, etc.
 >> I also tried defining ___LIBRARY during C builds to no avail. This did
 >> get rid of the multiple main error, but I still get the exception.
 >> Is there any way to get gambit to not generate a main function? I guess
 >> I was looking for something like chicken's -embedded option. I had some
 >> amount of hope when perusing gambit.h at the -flat option, but I think
 >> this requires me to resolve functions at startup manually.
 >> (chicken doc reference http://galinha.ucpel.tche.br/Embedding)
 >> FYI I'm building the scheme code with:
 >>     gsc -f -check myfile.scm
 >> Thanks,
 >> Ryan
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