[gambit-list] Have you fixed the code sequence for JUMPGLOSAFE?

Bradley Lucier lucier at math.purdue.edu
Tue Jul 18 14:06:36 EDT 2006


I hope you fixed the code for JUMPGLOSAFE and friends as I suggested in


Here are the sizes of the macro-expanded .i files for the libraries I  
use in my homework-on-the-web system:

zuse-138% wc all-libs*.i
280652  563890 14846379 all-libs-2.i
280652  692371 17223267 all-libs.i
561304 1256261 32069646 total

all-libs.i uses the default ___OPTIMIZE_TIME, all-libs-2.i uses  
___OPTIMIZE_SPACE.  That's with the default (declare (mostly- 
fixnum)); it will be larger with (declare (mostly-fixnum-flonun)),  
which you said you'd set as the default for the next beta.

gcc-4.1.1 has been cranking on all-libs.c now for over 40 minutes on  
my (admittedly lame) ultrasparc, but that's the machine that will run  
the system, so if I compile it, I need to compile it there.


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