[gambit-list] Newby question on compiling Gambit output

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Tue Jul 11 17:22:16 EDT 2006

First of all beta 9 is quite old and it has a few known bugs on  
Windows.  You should use beta 17.

After a "./configure" and a "make" and a "make install", Gambit-C  
will be installed in:


Then you can compile a standalone program like this:

feeley at NEO-XP ~/gambc40b17
$ cat foo.scm
(display "hello world\n")

feeley at NEO-XP ~/gambc40b17
$ c:/msys/1.0/local/Gambit-C/bin/gsc foo.scm

feeley at NEO-XP ~/gambc40b17
$ gcc -I c:/msys/1.0/local/Gambit-C/include foo.c foo_.c c:/msys/1.0/ 
local/Gambit-C/lib/libgambc.a -lws2_32

feeley at NEO-XP ~/gambc40b17
$ a.exe -:tc
hello world

Of course you can put c:/msys/1.0/local/Gambit-C/bin in your PATH to  
access gsi and gsc easier.

As Guillaume Germain mentioned it is probably easier to compile your  
program dynamically and load it using the interpreter:

feeley at NEO-XP ~/gambc40b17
$ c:/msys/1.0/local/Gambit-C/bin/gsc -dynamic foo.scm

feeley at NEO-XP ~/gambc40b17
$ c:/msys/1.0/local/Gambit-C/bin/gsi -:tc foo
hello world

Note that the -:tc option is a temporary work around for a bug on  


On 11-Jul-06, at 9:57 AM, Kenneth Kellum wrote:

> If this is a FAQ, sorry.
> I'm trying to use Gambit-C to get an executable version of a Scheme
> program.  I'm comfortable with Scheme, but haven't used C in many  
> years.
> I'm running Windows XP.  I downloaded Gambit-C, version 4.0 beta 9.
> I've succeeded in using Gambit to translate foo.scm into foo.c.
> After quite a while looking for documentation I'm still clueless as to
> how to compile and link foo.c.  I've tried both MS Visual Studio and
> Watcom-1.3.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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