[gambit-list] Compiling syntax-case.scm

Anton van Straaten anton at appsolutions.com
Wed Jan 25 13:02:54 EST 2006

I can't compile syntax-case.scm on my machine, either, although I think 
that's mainly because I don't usually have enough free RAM, and gcc 
eventually dies with an allocation error or other fault.

For some code I ported to Gambit, all I needed was syntax-rules, and I 
had better luck with Al Petrofsky's portable syntax-rules expander:


...although it's a bit less convenient to use, because you have to 
pre-expand any source containing syntax-rules macros.  Nothing a 
makefile can't handle, of course.

Another issue I ran into with syntax-case.scm is that its define-macro 
implementation isn't completely compatible with Gambit's native 
define-macro: it doesn't support the same syntax for rest arguments, 
i.e. (define-macro (foo a . b) ...) isn't supported.  This is a problem 
if you're using macro-based code written for Gambit, although it could 
probably be fixed fairly easily.  But using Alexpander resolved that 
too, since it doesn't affect Gambit's native define-macro.


Joel Reymont wrote:
> I have Gambit 4b17 and I cannot compile syntax-case.scm with gcc 4.0  
> for some reason. It sits there forever doing something and gcc eats  up 
> 700Mb+ of memory. I'm on Mac OSX 10.4.4.
> Has anyone tried this?
>     Thanks, Joel
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