[gambit-list] --enable-profile

Christian christian at pflanze.mine.nu
Wed Jan 11 09:04:18 EST 2006

At 12:21 Uhr +0100 11.01.2006, Sven.Hartrumpf at FernUni-Hagen.de wrote:
>Are there any profiling tools available for use with Gambit besides
>plain old gprof?

There's statprof from Guillaume Germain, announced on this list on 
Jan 24 2005. I'm bundling it with chjmodule ( 
http://scheme.mine.nu/gambit/chjmodule/ ). As he already says, it's 
not perfect, it can sometimes be a bit unclear where the time is 
actually spent when profiling compiled code (for example for 
recursive calls, or if there are several calculations on one source 
line - maybe statprof could improve by colouring on a per s-expr 
basis, but then maybe the collected data isn't good enough, or it's 
overkill anyway), but it might help.

BTW from what I've read from Brad Lucier's papers, gprof won't help 
if compiling with single-host, since each module will only show up as 
one function call in gprof output.


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