[gambit-list] Gambit-C 4.0 beta 17

Christian christian at pflanze.mine.nu
Mon Jan 9 06:14:07 EST 2006

At 17:19 Uhr -0500 08.01.2006, Marc Feeley wrote:
>P.S. We're planning a major face-lift for the Gambit web site.  What 
>would you like to see on the site?  If you have suggestions please 
>let us know.

A wiki might make sense, but wiki spam has become a problem (so the 
wiki needs good mechanisms against it) and I don't know if there are 
enough contributors (the SISC wiki isn't very promising, for 
example). It might at least provide a page with links to 
contributions, and maybe one with links to papers. (There's Wiliki 
written in Gauche (used by http://community.schemewiki.org), and some 
Wiki code written for Chicken by Alejandro Forero Cuervo, and there's 
one for Scsh. I'm not sure I'm interested in porting one of those 
right now, though.) Linking to an existing external wiki might be a 
valid alternative (www.schemewiki.org explicitely offered their 
service to scheme implementors about a year ago).

A darcs or git (or arch?) repository for Gambit-C and maybe also 
contributions? (I haven't used either of those versioning systems 
yet, but they are what I think are the most promising ones.)

When, some time in the future, an addon distribution system ("gems") 
should get ready, it will need a place.

Writing the site in SXML and Scheme might be a nice idea. That's one 
of the things I want to use gambit for, but I'm not currently at a 
point where I'm able to provide relevant code (more than what's 
available in chjmodule: sxml-tree-trans, sxml-serializer, 
cj-sxml-util). I did once write a small site with Gambit, but it was 
just a combination of ad hoc scheme coding and sxml-serializer and 
worked as a batch system. There's your http server, of course, but 
unless there's dynamic content it would probably be overkill. Still, 
basing the site on SXML/Scheme would make it future proof :)


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