[gambit-list] Re: We want our SMP! (with apologies to MTV)

TJay tjay.dreaming at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 03:12:37 EST 2006

>More seriously, a big problem I see with a multiprocessor runtime
>(aside from implementing it) is that there are two radically
>different ways to go about it (map Scheme threads to OS threads, or
>extend the current lightweight threads so that the Gambit thread
>scheduler can take advantage of multiple processors).  Several
>people think option 1 is the best because you get simple
>interoperability with C.  But I think the second option is more
>interesting because it is more lightweight and it allows a very high
>number of threads (in other words I think the C thread model sucks).
>So I'm bound to displease a bunch of people whatever I do!

I'm not an expert programmer, but I would like to "cast my vote" in
favour of the second option.
Scheme is Scheme, interoperability with C should remain a lower
priority. And not everyone needs the C interface...

P.S is that Opteron for real?

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