[gambit-list] Introduction, MySQL FFI

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Wed Aug 16 23:32:26 EDT 2006

On 12-Aug-06, at 12:46 PM, Jonathan Arkell wrote:

> Hi List
> I've been playing around with Gambit for the past little while, and I
> really like it.  Congrats and thanks to Marc Feeley (and others)  
> for all
> their hard work.
> I have just finished putting together an alpha-quality MySQL FFI for
> gambit, available here:
> http://blog.jonnay.net/archives/742-A-Gambit-MySQL-Gambit-FFI.html
> Direct Link to source:
> http://blog.jonnay.net/plugin/dlfile_4
> It still needs plenty of work (a proper test suite, better handling of
> field data, documentation, implementing mysql_real_escape_string,
> implementing the rest of the MySQL c API) but it should be enough  
> to get
> you connected to a myself database, and run some queries.
> I've also built some simple wrappers and plan to build more, taking  
> into
> account the work that Oleg Kiselyov has done in this area
> (http://okmij.org/ftp/Scheme/index.html#databases) Any comments,
> suggestions, bug fixes or enhancements are welcome.

That's nice.  I hope you will consider turning this into a Gambit  
module when the new module system is released.


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