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ben at fuhok.net ben at fuhok.net
Sat May 7 16:50:47 EDT 2005

On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 10:51:46PM -0500, ben at fuhok.net wrote:
> > At any rate, perhaps we can use this strategy:  Assume that we're 
> > compiling all SRFIs in a directory srfis in the Gambit directory as I 
> > suggested, and work at incrementally improving this code rather than 
> > starting with a new one.
> Sounds good.  I think we are missing a few functions.  I will likely
> send you another patch in a few days to correct that.
> Ben

A fews days, a month, what's the difference?

Very sorry, I got side-tracked by some things that are a lot less fun
than hacking scheme.

Anyway, attached is a patch against the version of char-set-lib.scm in
the web directory you set up.

One thing I noticed that kind of sucked was that my laptop, which has
512 megs, can't compile "srfis.scm" in safe mode without running out
of memory.  It's not clear to me why (declare (safe)) causes Gambit to
suck up more memory, but apparently it does.

How about deleting the trailing whitespace from those files when you
get the chance?

Also, are you working on srfi-1 at all?  It would seem like the next
logical target.



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