[gambit-list] Straight dope on FIXADDP, FIXMULP, ...

Bradley Lucier lucier at math.purdue.edu
Sat May 7 01:05:44 EDT 2005


There is a wonderful little book "Hacker's Delight" by Henry S. Warren 
Jr. (with a foreword by Guy Steele, BTW), that has a special section on 
"Overflow Detection" in Chapter 1, "Basics".  The section begins on 
page 26.  In this section you'll find all the tests for overflow of 
signed addition, subtraction, and multiplication that you need in ##+, 
##-, and ##* and FIXADDP, FIXSUBP, and FIXMULP (which should all 
probably be merged (##+ with FIXADDP, etc., of course) in some way).

Would you like me to look at some of the implementation details?


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