[gambit-list] FIFO's on MinGW and MacOSX Gambit-Cb14

Francois Magnan magnan at licef.teluq.uquebec.ca
Tue Aug 9 15:07:27 EDT 2005


     I am trying to use FIFO's instead of open-process to communicate  
with a separate process (since open-process doesn't work on MinGW for  
the moment). It seems that there is also some problems with FIFO's.

On MacOSX 10.4 (Gambit-Cb14) I get:

(let ((fifo-in (create-fifo "/tmp/myfifo")))
   (define p (open-output-file "/tmp/myfifo"))
   (write '(12 3 4) p))

*** ERROR IN (stdin)@27.13 -- Device not configured
(open-output-file "/tmp/myfifo")

On MinGW (Gambit-Cb14) I get:

*** ERROR IN (stdin)@13.13 -- Unknown Error
(create-fifo "/tmp/myfifo")

When I do it step by step in the gsi interpreter on MacOSX it works!!!
What am I missing?

 > (create-fifo "/tmp/myfifo")
 > (define p (open-output-file "/tmp/myfifo")
 > (write '(12 3 4) p))

Thank you,
Francois Magnan

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