[gambit-list] Compile problem with gcc-4.0 (development)

Bradley Lucier lucier at math.purdue.edu
Tue Oct 26 23:20:50 EDT 2004

I get the following error on powerpc-apple-darwin7.5.0 with gambc40b11:

> gcc -I../include -I. -no-cpp-precomp -Wall -W -Wno-unused -O1 
> -fno-math-errno -fschedule-insns2 -fno-trapping-math 
> -fno-strict-aliasing -fomit-frame-pointer -fPIC -fno-common 
> -D___GAMBCDIR=\"/usr/local/Gambit-C\" -c os_tty.c
> gcc: unrecognized option `-no-cpp-precomp'
> In file included from os.h:185,
>                  from os_base.h:8,
>                  from os_tty.c:14:
> /usr/include/dlfcn.h:35:2: warning: #warning "You are using dlopen(), 
> a legacy API. Please use the Mach-O dylib loading APIs if at all 
> possible"
> os_tty.c: In function 'lineeditor_output':
> os_tty.c:2075: error: invalid storage class for function 
> 'lineeditor_output_terminal_emulate'
> make[1]: *** [os_tty.o] Error 1
> make: *** [all] Error 1
> [descartes:~/programs/gambc40b11] lucier% gcc -v
> Reading specs from 
> /pkgs/gcc-mainline/lib/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin7.5.0/4.0.0/specs
> Configured with: ../configure --prefix=/pkgs/gcc-mainline 
> --with-gmp=/pkgs/gmp-4.1.3 --with-mpfr=/pkgs/gmp-4.1.3
> Thread model: posix
> gcc version 4.0.0 20041019 (experimental)

This is in this strange code:

   if (d->emulate_terminal)
       /* forward declaration needed because lineeditor_output is 
recursive */

       ___HIDDEN ___SCMOBJ lineeditor_output_terminal_emulate
          ___P((___device_tty *self,
                ___C *buf,
                int len),

       d->emulate_terminal = 0;
       e = lineeditor_output_terminal_emulate (d, buf, len);
       d->emulate_terminal = 1;
     e = extensible_string_insert

Can you even have a forward declaration here?  Why not make 
declarations for all functions at the top of the file and not worry 
about it.  (It works when I move the declaration to the top level and 
leave out the local "declaration".)


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