[gambit-list] Gambit-C 4.0 beta 10

Marc Feeley feeley at IRO.UMontreal.CA
Wed Oct 20 09:14:48 EDT 2004

A new beta of Gambit-C 4.0 is now available in source form at this


Here are the main changes:

   - all homogeneous vector primitives (u32vector, etc) should now
     work properly

   - fixed a few "configure" problems on Mac OS X and Solaris

   - should build without problems on 64 bit machines (I have only
     checked on a SUN Ultra-sparc, so if you have access to a 64
     bit machine, please report on your success)

   - interpreter handles procedure calls of up to 4 arguments
     faster than the general case (5 and more)

   - implementation of (vector 1 2 3 4) has been improved

   - I now include the portable "syntax-case" implementation that has
     been ported to version 4.0 of the Gambit-C interpreter (it is in
     misc/syntax-case.scm).  To use it start gsi like this:

          gsi misc/syntax-case.scm -

     You can also rename the file to gambcext.scm and move it to the
     Gambit installation directory (and even compile it with "gsc
     -dynamic gambcext.scm" if you wish to speedup macro expansion).

     Unfortunately, if you use this package all source-code location
     is lost and debugging will be more difficult.


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